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22nd-Dec-2010 04:02 pm - wallpapers
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On December 21st, rapper Outsider and singer Park Hyo Shin officially enlisted in the army.

They were met by fans at the camp entrance of the 102 reserves unit in Chuncheon, where they will begin their 5 weeks of basic military training before their two years of mandatory national service.

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source: allkpop + yoursnowbell @ YT

It's so heart-breaking, oh God. I hope he'll stay safe and healthy ;; We'll be waiting for you and definetly you'll never be forgotten! ♥
16th-Dec-2010 12:37 pm - I Promise You full MV is here!
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He also performed at MCountdown with Snow Flower and I Promise You. Maybe I'll post these later.
13th-Dec-2010 06:23 pm - Gift part 2 was released today!
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Park Hyo Shin - a veteran artist known for his powerful, husky vocals - recently released his sixth album, “Gift Part. 2“. It will be his final project for quite some time due to his military obligations later on this month.

He will be looking to continue the success he had from his previous album, “Gift Part. 1“, which was released in September of last year.

Park Hyo Shin’s newest title track is named, “I Promise You“, and it sounds like it’s going to be another hit. Check out the album and title track below!

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sources: allkpop, FalconChern2nd@yt
1st-Dec-2010 02:07 pm - Gift Part 2 + enlisting dates
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Veteran husky vocalist, Park Hyo Shin, will be enlisting in the army on December 21st, joining fellow speed rapper Outsider. Both of the artists will be enlisted at a training camp in Chuncheon.

Park Hyo Shin’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, stated, “It is true that he is afraid of being forgotten while being in the army. But, being in the army will give him valuable time to reflect on his journey as an artist for the last 11 years.”

Before leaving the music industry, Park Hyo Shin will be releasing part two of his sixth album, “Gift Part.2” on December 14th. He will then have his last concert titled, “The Gift” on December 19th at Dome Theatre of Jamsil Stadium.

source: allkpop
26th-Sep-2010 11:17 am - icons.
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Park Hyoshin;

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21st-Sep-2010 08:38 am - New MV - Goodbye, My Love is out
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This community is so dead D;

2nd-May-2010 08:13 pm - new community - hyoshin a day
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Hello, I wanna introduce to you : hyoshinaday!!
It's nothing new that this too amazing for words man - PARK HYOSHIN - needs more love. So I've decided to make the new a_day community and spread more love for him, so you can see the gorgeousness of Ballad King every day :D Please join or watch to see updates :) ♥
16th-Mar-2010 07:26 pm - phs icons~
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K-Fashion - Park YoungHee (20), Park HyoShin (25)


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Hello everyone!
Is my first time posting in this community.
I'm here to tell you the
has just opened!

please JOIN and be ACTIVE..

we are looking for staff:
global mod, moderators, graphic designers and soon subbing staff.

thank you.
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